SCSI Zip Drive on a Mac Plus

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Hi again. I was looking around the internet for an external hard disk for my mac plus when

I realized I just didn't have the money(that's how little cash I have). I'd heard of using

a zip 100 drive instead, so I looked on google. Some of them weren't as step by step as I

would have liked. Could anybody tell me how to set one up and which drivers to use? I

would really appreciate any help I can get because I'm new to the older macs. Thanks(once

again) for reading my post.


Daniel M. Beringer

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SCSI Zip Drive on a Mac Plus

Check out this link for a driver:

and just put the driver in your System Folder and shut it down. Plug in the SCSI Zip and start your mac and you should be set.



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yeah, im thinking of switchin

yeah, im thinking of switching the extra hard disk i stuck in my classic to be a zip drive i stole from my 6500, and then have a floppy somewhere casue even with network support I need to use a floppy once in a while.


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How big have SCSI Zips gotten

How big have SCSI Zips gotten? Did they stop at the 100 or 250MB mark with SCSI? This got me thinkin' SE/30 or other compact Mac with a ZIP in place of the floppy drive, or maybe in addition to. Why, I dunno.

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ZIP-drive boot is indeed as s

ZIP-drive boot is indeed as simple as those above have commented. Hoewever, if you want to buy a 100 MB Apple-branded hard disk made specifically for the Mac Plus (with MacOS 7.1 and tons of apps and games already installed) I'll sell it to you for $20.00 shipped. It will only work with a computer that has no internal hard drive, such as a Mac Plus or SE, and is shaped to sit underneath the Mac Plus perfectly.

If interested, let me know by emailing me (Keary) at !