cannot open ms word .docs without first launching the application

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This problem has only recently emerged. I cannot open .docs direct from their icon, recent items menu etc without first launching MS word. IMS Word is located in "Applications OS9" folder, because MS word runs in tthe classic environment of this OSx 10.1.5 machine.

It was suggested on another forum that i try fixing the permissions by running the disk repair utility. However, after opening the utility in "Applications" folder (the first aid utility in "Applications OS9" will not open, as it is "not supported by the classic environment") and selsecting the hard disk, I could not select the "verify" and "repair" options - they were ghosted out; i am not sure why as I had closed all files and apps that were running.

It was also suggested that i stop and restart the classic environment. I did this and also elected to open classic automatically on login, but this did not change the initial problem.

Now after restarting the machine, the problem has changed a little. When i try to open a .doc from its icon, a window comes up ("From: documents") and when i click on "choose" another window comes up stating"the file does not appear to be compressed or encoded. The appplication MS word might be able to open this file. would you like to try opening using ms word?" When I click on "try", ms word opens a blank new document. I can then, as usual, open the desired document.

How can I restore word so that it automatically opens up when i click on a file icon etc? Why cant I use the disk repair utillity?

Would greatly appreciate any suggetsions. Thanks.

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to add to the query above, th

to add to the query above, the window "from:documents" that pops up is a stuffit expender window. I have no idea why this is coming up when i try to open a word document.

I have fixed the problem now. "Get Info" showed stuffit was trying to open some of the files ,so i changed the app to MS worrd for all of them. MS Word appears to be opening the files as per usual now.

If anyone knows why these files decided to start opening with stuffit afetr I restarted classic, or why I cant use the disk utility, it would be great to hear from you. Thanks.

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It sounds like Classic's Desk

It sounds like Classic's Desktop Database got confused as to which files go with which apps. You can "Rebuild Desktop" for Classic in the Classic Preferences: Advanced panel.

The OS X Disk Utility will not do a Verify or Repair on the disk volume that contains the active OS. You will need to boot from another disk (e.g., install CD, firewire drive, etc.) if you want to run Disk Utility on your main drive.