Not exactly sale or trade: iPod acquisition help requested.

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'Lo, all. This is essentially a plea for help from the mac community. Recently I was involved in a nasty bike accident which ended my iPod's life tragically.

Well, I checked my iPod after the accident and tho it needed a soft reset, it seemed to work fine. When I plugged the bugger in at home, the disk made a sickening sound, froze, froze itunes and made me cry.

So! What I am requesting is some help in one of those "GET A FREE IPOD" things. Now, these are not exactly a scam, but they are very good for marketing the sponsor companies. What this thing requires is for you to get a damned credit card and never touch it again.

If you feel so kind as to do this, the referral site is HERE and I thank you ahead of time.

(PS, these guys are on the better business bureau as causing no trouble.[url][/url]