Need driver 4 Laserwriter 12/640

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I have POWER MAC G3 (tower) and I desperatly need a driver for a Apple LaserWriter 12/640 printer. the only one that I've found is for system 7.1 Timm Hudd comvoice2004@yahoo,com

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A slightly newer driver might

A slightly newer driver might be available at:

Otherwise, I suspect that the OS install disks should have the needed drivers.

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What OS?

If it is OS 8 or OS 9, you need to enable the Laserwriter 8 extensions. Or reinstall them (you can get them from Apple's web site).

If it's OS X, then you'll need a Localtalk bridge of some sort (like the AsantéTalk) to get it hooked up, then the drivers are built in.

If you need more info, feel free to ask.


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