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Looking to shrink my collection of Mac items to free space and concentrate on the stuff I actually use! Oh yeah making some cash would be nice too!
I'll take trades too, but what I'm looking for right now is pretty limited - if it wasn't, I'd just end up with more stuff to store!

If you're interested in something, please email me at tmbannon at comcast dot net and make an offer. Please include your address (at least ZIP) so that I can get an idea on shipping costs. I'm located in Central PA, ZIP 17111.

There is lots of FREE stuff available, but ONLY for those who come to pick it up! I don't have a listing of what all is free, but if you're local email me and I can give you a general idea. THINGS LIKE PISMOS ARE NOT FREE!!! Sorry, but even though I put that someone will still ask for a free one...

Lots of older Mac items plus some newer stuff:

- hard to find Nubus cards
FWB Jackhammers
Radius Thunder 24/GTs (Thunder IV GX w/o Photoshop DSPs)
Other upper end video cards
Radius Rockets and add on's
Pro AudioSpectrum with breakout box
Audiomedia II
VideoVision Studios

- pre-G3 Macs and clones
Ask, I've got alot!
No real "collecter's condition" Macs though.

128MB of IIfx Ram (8x16Mb)! - $20 per 16MB or $150 for it all
30-pin and 72-pin SIMMs

- Processor Upgrades
IIci Cache card
Daystart P33 33MHz 68030
Nubus Powermac G3 upgrades
I might even sell the makings of a 40MHz 040 SE/30 with ethernet AND a spare PDS slot....Cool Mac

7200/10K SCSI drives
< 1GB older SCSI drives

Powerbook 3400c's and Kanga G3's and lots of parts,
G3 Powerbooks (Lombards, Pismos)
G3 366 iBook SE.
Parts for all but the iBook!

Lots of misc cables, adapters, parts ect ect...

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Are any of the powerbooks fre

Are any of the powerbooks free? If so I can't pay to have them shipped ?

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Of course all the Powerbooks

Of course all the Powerbooks are free! You can't pay to have them shipped? Don't worry I'll have them delivered to you express! It would be great if you lived somewhere remote like on a mountain top in Tibet or possibly in Antartica - It'll be exciting to see how much that shipping costs!

NO the powerbooks are not free. Sorry but I just get annoyed at the number of "Can I have a free laptop? I'm a student." postings I see everywhere. I was a student. I didn't have a laptop. I did have a computer (well a PC) and I worked to pay for it. I certainly didn't spam every news group and message board I could find asking for a free one.


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Hey, read this--I have money!!


No requests for freebies honest!

I was wanting to know two things:
1) What types of Powerbook G3 parts do you have? I am looking for processor upgrades for Wallstreet 233 w/no cache.

2) How much for your Lombards and Pismos? What kinds of configs do they have?

Well, I guess that's technically three questions, but hope you answer them just the same.



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You *did* make the comment th

You *did* make the comment that someone would chime in and ask for a free one in your OP even though you say a definite no, and so someone did. ;D


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how about the iBook?

dude, the iBook is of interest to me... which color, asking price?

Thanks, and I hope you can "thin" out your collection!

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1) Sorry no Wallstreet parts.

1) Sorry no Wallstreet parts. I never buy Wallstreets, dunno why I just don't.

2) See the list. Prices are somewhat negotiable (not free!!! lol) and I might be a little off on a config or two.

Powerbook 3400c
200MHz 603ev
5GB Hard Drive
12 x CD-ROM
2 x Batteries (working but charge time not guaranteed)
AC Adapter
OS 8.6 Loaded
$225 + shipping

Powerbook G3 (aka Original G3, Kanga)
250MHz G3
5GB Hard Drive
20 x CD-ROM
3.5" Floppy
2 x Batteries (working but charge time not guaranteed)
AC Adapter
Black imitation leather laptop bag (very nice, lots of space, could even hold two laptops of this size)
OS 8.6 Loaded
$275 + shipping

Powerbook G3 Bronze Keyboard (aka Lombard)
400 MHz G3
10GB Hard Drive
Battery (working but charge time not guaranteed)
AC Adapter
OS 10.3 Loaded
Black fabric Targus laptop bag (good shape, slim bag but still has extra pockets for accessories, papers, ect)
$450 + shipping

Powerbook G3 Bronze Keyboard (aka Lombard)
As above but 6GB (?) Hard Drive and no laptop bag
$415 + shipping

Powerbook G3 Firewire (aka Pismo)
400 MHz G3
32GB 5400RPM IBM Travelstar Hard Drive
Superdisk/3.5" Floppy Drive
DVD/CDRW Drive - this Toshiba drive works with the Pismo but requires an Apple drive casing (ie from a dead Pismo/Lombard CD-ROM to fit. Price includes drive sold as is. Additional charge if I purchase the casing and adapt the drive)
Battery (working but charge not guaranteed)
VST Battery Charger
Kensington AC + Auto/Airline adapter with case
$600 + shipping

Parts Machines

iBook G3 Grahpite Special Edition
366MHz G3
6GB Hard Drive
Battery (working but charge not guaranteed)
AC Adapter
Problems - No sound from either speakers or headphone jack, otherwise runs fine. While opening this up to check for the source of the sound problem I tore the ribbon cable that connects the trackpad to the logic board (this one seemed rather brittle). Easy to replace, but I don't have a spare and I cannot give you any answers on the sound problem. With the ribbon cable replaced you'd have a very nice iBook capable of running 10.3 (with a RAM upgrade). Actually it functions fine now with a mouse attached.
$275 obo + shipping

Powerbook G3 Bronze Keyboard (aka Lombard)
333MHz G3
No hard drive
No keyboard
No Battery
AC Adapter
? RAM (whatever I have available)
$150 + shipping

Powerbook G3 (aka Original G3, Kanga)
Parts available except for LCD screen and motherboard

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See my last post. Tom

See my last post.


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pre-G3 Macs and clones

What kind of pre-G3 Macs and clones do you have? ;D

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NuBus stuff

Do you have a more detailed list of NuBus stuff? I am definetely interested in at least three of the cards you mentioned (Radius and Jackhammer stuff). I wil email an offer once I know what all I want to ask for.



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