need help w/Viewmax 80/Videx Videoterm cards

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I'm new to the Apple II computers and am trying to get an Apple II Plus working with either a Viewmax 80 card or a Videx Videoterm card. (I don't have any manuals for either card.)

With the Viewmax 80 installed, I still get 40 columns, no cahnge in the video. There are a couple of jumpers on the card.

The Videx may be defective, because when I install it, I get nothing from the video output. I also get no 'beep' when the computer powers up. If I hook the monitor instead to the 40 column video output, all I see is the screen full of random characters (that you normally get for an instant when the Apple is powered up). They remain on the screen and there is no response from the keyboard. When I remove the Videx card the Apple boots normally.

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can type PR#3

With 80 column cards you won't get 80 columns unless it's selected in software. In basic you can type PR#3 and then press return, assuming that you have the card in slot 3.

The Videx may have oxidized contacts on the chip legs. It's a common problem in older electronics. You can fix that by prying the chips up a little and then pushing them back down in their socket.

The Videx manual has information that applies to both cards. You can download a PDF of it and a number of other manuals from my website at:


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Thanks Wayne for the link to

Thanks Wayne for the link to your page, I've already downloaded the pdf's relating to the Videx. I'll clean the terminals on the IC's and see if that brings the Videx back to life.

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Sorry to resurrect this threa

Sorry to resurrect this thread but, I have a Videx card in my Apple II, and I need to know how to wire it. I was wondering if anyone has the manual for a videx card lying around. The link above doesn't work anymore unfortunately.