USB headset not working on OSX.3

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Has anybody had any luck getting older USB 1.1 devices to work on OS X 3 ( OS 10.3.4) ?
I have a logitech USB Headset which doesn't want to work , to add insult to injury the supplier refuses to take it back.
Does anybody know if a driver or crack that would get it working ?

Many Thanks

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System Preferences

After you plugged it in, did you check to see if the Input and Output devices were set properly in the Sound panel of System Preferences?


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USB headset not working

I have a brand new Senheisser USB headset with mic. It wont work on my PowerBook G4 with OSX v10.3.9. If I unplugg the usb for the headset and use the mini-jack i can hear sound but cant use the mic. In system settings it is correctly set up, it shows "Senheisser USB head set" when it is plugged in.