For Sale: All Kinds Of Things!

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Hey everyone,

Another typical applefritter story, entirely too much stuff, and almost no room to put it.

I'm not with all my stuff now, but here's a list of some of the things I can remember that I have. I'll update it when i'm down there.

Make Offers and I'll consider. Shipping will have to be worked out somehow, because I don't have much money.

- Assorted Keyboards and mice (ADB & PS2)
- Assorted guttted macs. (I'll list what i have when i find it)
- Assorted gutted PC's (once again, list as I find)
- Classic II's. all work, i have 5 i could part with.
- 2, (Possibly 3) Apple //e computers. complete with disk drives and monitors.
- 2 or 3 Dot Matrix printers, and extra ribbons
- Apple Laserwriter 300
- 1 or 2 working PC's, most likely complete
- 2 working Macintosh LC-580 computers

Maybe Raver Classic Make an offer.

And maybe Coppertop Also make an offer

PM, Instant Message on AIM (DigitalizeDeath) or e-mail if you have any questions or offers.

I'll update as I find new things I can sell.



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Classic 2

I am interested in one of your classic 2's
How much do you want for one? Postage included.

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how much for the classic 2

how much for the classic 2

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Apple //e's

I am interested in your Apple //e's, with disk drives and monitor. I am not much for hardware repair, so what is in the best shape. Can't wait to get back to programming the 6502 in machine language...

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This thread is a year old...

This thread is a year old... Maybe a quick PM by the first guy to dredge it up to see if the stuff was still available would have averted the rash of me toos. Wink


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