Adding A SCSI Hard Drive Greater Than 40mb To A Mac Plus

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Hi all. I was wondering how to add a SCSI hard drive greater than 40mb to a

Mac Plus. I wanted to get a hard drive, but I don't know how I'm supposed to

format it to the special interleave because the SCSI port is slower. Could

anybody help me? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks once again for

reading my forum topic.


Daniel M. Beringer

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Apple HD-SC setup should perf

Apple HD-SC setup should perform this action- for some reason the Mac Plus works happier on SCSI ID=0. If this seems to cause issues, the application "Silverliner" (Silverlining?) by LaCie (free download from most older Mac sites) works well and puts itself on the boot sector of the drive to auto-initiate the hard drive when it turns on. I have a 100 MB hard drive that runs perfectly on a Mac Plus, having formatted it using Apple HD-SC setup with no issues.

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system 6 or 7 will support up

system 6 or 7 will support up to a 2.1gb. I got a 2gig in my classic. along with a 40, and a 20 external. if you wanna purchase the external contact me.


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Interleave Settings

Make sure to set the interleave to 3:1, otherwise the Plus won't be able to keep up to the drive.


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