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Hi All:

I need to get rid of my old Powerbook Duo 280 and its matching dock. I now have a Duo 280c and a Dock II, so these are just taking up precious space.

PowerBook Duo is a 68040/20 25/260 and is in excellent condition. Runs OS 7.6. There are 3 dead pixels on the screen. No working batteries, sorry. There will be a battery and case, as well as the origonal box and packing for the duo. Power supply is also included.

Dock is a standard Duo Dock with keys, and VRAM upgrade. There is a 10mbps 10baseT NIC in the Dock.

Im asking $40 for the pair. Offers condidered, will split them up if no responses for the pair.



MacAddictQ700 aka Michael A. Stanhope
York, PA USA
PowerMacintosh 7550/G3-350MHz. 18gb/256mb

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If the dock has a disk drive on it I would be intersted please email me at .