Power Mac G4 Quicksilver

In 2001, Apple re-designed the PowerMac G4 Line with the Quicksilver. This had a diffirent form factor than the previous Power Mac G4 computers, sporting a much sleeker case. This tough computer also includes one more PCI slot, has three PC133 RAM ports, and came with MacOS 9.2 and 10.1.

This is my first attempt at a site here.

I'm not even totally sure what I'm doing- but really, the form factor is identified as "tower". If we got any more specific than that, then the numbers of factors will stop being very easy to sort out.

This whole story is just me submitting a computer to the Specs section. I don't intend to be paid for anything. I did not copy any images or anything from Apple-History, but Apple's specs and other independent figuring-out of this machine's specs. I was pretty certain that the Specs section is for identification of official Apple machines. This was approved by the administrator when it was made, so... gah, I dunno.

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How is form factor defined in

How is form factor defined in these descriptions? The external dimensions of the G3 and G4 lines are the same right? Besides aesthetic differences, the outer casing is pretty much all the same. Not meaning to complain, just curious.


This was made for the Specs section, and as far as I know it showed up there. I'm not sure how this thing appeared as some kind of post. I am not totally certain how to work with this website yet, although I will be adding to the Specs section again in the future.


I hope this isn't the kind of story we get paid for, or rather I hope it is...


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It is

It is. Specifications must be taken directly from Apple's site or determined independently. Plagiarism will be dealt with harshly.

I'm confused

If specifications are taken directly from Apple's site, isn't that plagiarism? Or perhaps more accurately, copyright infringement?

:? , Sad , and getting a bit queasy to boot Tongue

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[quote]If specifications are


If specifications are taken directly from Apple’s site, isn’t that plagiarism? ? Or perhaps more accurately, copyright infringement?

The plagarism reference was mostly in regards to the description. You can't copyright a fact. Secondly, Apple is the manufacturer. They want their specs distributed. This is not necessarily the case with the other sites.

QS yea!

I'm a little confused about this post... (topic) Are we to "hurrah" the machine, or post our experiences with this model? I have one of the dual 1 gig variety, and it is aging well...

I am more than willing to bask in its glory. It serves me well.