Gutted 6400 for you hacking pleasure! (parts)

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I had a 6400 case, no mainboard. The case is stripped completely down to metal will be taking pictures tonight or tomorrow sometime. All the components have been removed for individual use.

There's the case, 2 5.25", 2 3.5", 6400/6500/5400/5500 and whatever else with this sliding motherboard style. For half a second I thought about putting a mATX board into it and using it as a hacked *nix server just cause I like the case layout (well as far as 2 5.25", 2 3.5" go none of the cabling or other BS apple put in there). But I don't have time or money for such endeavors. Smile

Next I'll put the power supply on here, 150W, very short(~6" max length) power leads 1 for drives, another for mainboard which in this case would attach to the mainboard connector (and has a split for another drive) and another line on a 5x2 flat cable I have no clue what it was for attaches to the mainboard connector though.

How about a Mac integrated sub-woofer, anyone? It's separate now, funky L shaped hollow boxed structure. Designed to sit on bottom of the case with the mainboard filling in the gap in the L shape.

I got the TV card and video controller cards, unfortunately I was not able to save the sub-woofer level control. Hell I can't figure out how they got it in there the control knob is thicker than the hole cut out in the metal and I tried pulling it off (like a car's AC control) and then tried unscrewing it off which is when it snapped.

IR receiver & volume controls, I'm sure someone could use this even if it's just for the buttons. Is self contained in a nice tin box with a 13x2 flat cable connector. About 2.5"x3.25"x3/4" thick.

I got the mainboard connector separated as well.

I also have one of each front, back, top, side, and blank 5.25 cover panels available. Fairly yellowed and no broken snaps, slides, retainers. One metal side panel as well (the other is riveted into case structure).
$3.00 a panel

Misc screws are available so long as you can describe them accurately(fine thread, star/phillips, etc) enough for me to pick em out..
$0.10 a piece minimum of 10 pieces per order.

Supplies while they last (all this is from the deconstruction of 1 6400, with some screws of parting a 6500) email me! Next Wednesday I'm going to put all this up on ePay so if you want a piece you gotta write me before that happens.

After this, it's the trash can.