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I just bought an iPod for use with my Windows XP PC. The computer is pretty new and has two drives, a CD/RW and another. Anyway, iTunes won't recognize CDs when I put them into the drive. The computer came with various other media-player programs, such as MusicMatch Jukebox, etc., and all of them will read and play CDs. But on the iTunes "source" list, they don't come up. With one exception: If the CD happens to be in the drive already when I turn the computer on, iTunes will see that its there and let me play it or rip it or whatever I want to do. When this happens, an icon comes on the screen that says "accessing GraceNote CDDB." But its only when the computer is started from off while a CD is in the drive.

I've tried reinstalling, which is what Apple told me to do on the phone. No luck. I also tried adjusting the defaults and adjusting the other programs so they no longer think of themselves as the CD playing default. Any other thoughts? Thanks much.

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I'd try uninstalling those ot

I'd try uninstalling those other apps first. Ditch MusicMatch and others, but Winamp and WMP should be fine. Another thing to check would be your Windows drivers and drive firmware. Also make sure that DMA is set as default; PIO mode sucks.

If anything, you might want to ask that question over at the iPodlounge ( forums if you don't any/many responses here. Lots of Windows iTunes users over there, and I'd bet at least a couple have had the same problem.


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easy fix...

I had this same problem too... if you run msconfig (start->run->msconfig) and disable shwicon2k (HP Pavillion only?) and restart your PC, it'll fix your problem. Good luck, I know it's frustrating....