Stealth GS

The Apple IIgs motherboard was available as an upgrade for Apple IIe users. The Apple IIe's power supply and keyboard are used. Look carefully at any ROM-00 or ROM-01 motherboard and you'll see the circuitry exists to solder in these connectors.

Stealth GS - Label

Stealth GS - Front

Stealth GS - Back

Stealth GS - Inside

Stealth GS - Sticker

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woogie's picture

IIgs ugrade boards

Are they still around? Haven't seen any
on *Bay. Always wanted to do this upgrade
both for hacking reasons and functional

PS...It's great to be back here after a
long absence. (health reasons)

lefevere's picture

bought one begin 2008 [i

bought one begin 2008

had to replace the apple II housing and the reset key
..... case and key broken during the shipping .....

The Apple IIe-to-IIGS Upgrade is considered the most rare commercially available version of the Apple IIGS

gsmcten's picture

Stealth IIgs....

There have been several available over the last couple of years. I remember one on eBay about two years ago. They are VERY hard to find, but worth it if you can afford it. Smile

gsmcten's picture

Stealth GS

There is one up on eBay right now for sale. Starting Bid $300.00.