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Hello there!
Problems with the heart and guts of my copy of OSX (as it was installed) on my computer I bought used (mainly that of the speakers not being detected), I've figured that my best bet is to do a fresh install, so I'm seeking a copy of OSX, not really picky, but it needs to be full and stable.


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send me an email koll2786@cogeco.ca

cheapest i'll ask for my os x install cd's not even opened is 80.00. mail me if interested

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I have a copy of Jaguar (OS X

I have a copy of Jaguar (OS X 10.2) on CD I can sell. It's an OEM set from a dual USB iBook, but it will install OS X on any machine that natively supports it. PM me if interested.


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OS X 10.3 for sale

OS X 10.3 on 3 original CD-ROMS from Apple for sale

Please consult my website(s)


(Mac hard and software)



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