Can I Download from Knew Mac to old Mac

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My cousin have one of those knew Macs about 2 years old top, so i think it has those knew operating systems and CPU's and its different than the Macintosh Classic ones .
if i use his computer to go online and go to the websites where they have programs for old macs.
1. Can i just download them to the floppy drive on his unit , ???
would they change or get ultered because of the knew mac's are different than the old ones.???
2. can I then copy those to the Floppys, and then i would be able to use them on my Mac classic with no problem at all,
and without doing any modification and i dont need to be a computer Tech to do it.???
I have system 6.8 something on my Mac.
Iam unable to use Mac bull to copy files from my Pc to Mac, i keep getting errors, the file is missing......etc.
Can you help please.
sincerely Matt.

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Know knew kMac in the last fi

Know knew kMac in the last five years or so has had a floppy drive. You'll need CD or ethernet or internet. Lips Sealed

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If you post the models of the

If you post the models of the new and old Macs it would make it easier to give a precise answer.


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USB floppy drives are availab

USB floppy drives are available. Mine has been invaluable for creating classic boot disks.


Logan Tong

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yes indeed its true ,i quit i

yes indeed its true ,i quit indeed, i dont know what to do with these units, i have few macs, and my calculator can do more than those 3 combined.
My cousin have a Mac Os10, and yes with no floppy and he has no external, or I .
and i have a classic .

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i got an imac with external,

i got an imac with external, i discovered classics dont like thernet too much, it wont work for file transfers, it hangs after a while. You much get an external, but make sure to format as "Macintosh Standard File System" instead of "Macintosh Extended"


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