how to login FTP use Mac?

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I got a FTP site used to login in use Windows. Normaly the way of login is right click then you will have the option of login. But in Mac there is no right click button, I try hold the mouse long which equal to right click, right? but the option of login not exist. What is the solution?

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Logging Into An FTP Site

I'm assuming you're talking about logging into an FTP site with Internet Explorer. If you merely have to download files, you can do this by typing into the addressbar.

In this example

user should be replaced by your username
password should be replaced by your password should be replaced by the site you're going to.

If you need to upload a file, IE for the Mac doesn't support it as far as I know. Are you in OS X or Classic.

If you're in OS X:

1) Click on the Desktop
2) Choose the "Go" menu
3) Choose the "Connect To Server" option
4) Where it says "Server Address", type in, replacing with the site address.
5) Click the connect button.
6) Type in your username and password
7) Click "Ok"
8 ) A new folder will appear on your desktop with the name of the site you went to. Double click to open it. Drag any files in and out.

Hope that helps. If you're in Classic (Pre OS X), you'll need an FTP client to upload on a Mac, as far as I know. Google for "Mac OS 9 FTP Client" or something similar to find one that suits you.



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