{WTB-Non-Mac]: Dell Powervault 200s SCSI RAID parts!!!

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Hi, I bought a Dell Powervault SCSI RAID enclosure off Ebay. It was lacking drives and drive sleds. I've got drives to put in it, but sleds are going for $15+ on Ebay, I'd like to find them a bit cheaper. I may also be missing some front panels that fit between the drive sleds. I think I got a decent deal on this thing, but I don't want to spend a ton on the rest since I could probably fabricate some sleds.

I know where to find used Mac stuff but have no clue where to hunt for something like this!!! What I could really use is a broken 200s with the sleds, ect intact.

Anybody have parts for this thing or know where I should be looking???



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Go to Dells spare parts page.

Go to Dells spare parts page. (Don't have the address handy) Dell sells the trays for $5.00!!!!