FS: LOADED Powermac 8600 G4/800mhz, 1gb RAM, 49gb HD, Protools Rig

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ive got a Kansas (300mhz originally) 8600 machine for sale
at Ebay, item number: 5716299192

This machine is LOADED! with extras, such as 1gb RAM, 3
extra SCSI HDs and MIDI equipment. Also good as a surfing,
word processing machine, but its more geared to people
who want to start learning to use Protools music recording

Alas, I am letting the free market determine the price of this
machine rather than what I "think" its worth (its a dear, dear
friend-who ive taken great care of since i first bought her 6 yrs ago)

Bidding starts at $ 0.99 !!!!!

thanks for looking!