Anyone know how to replace the mouse connector on the Pismo

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I recently acquired a PB Pismo (firewire) and (doing a stupid thing) proceded to spill coffee into the back of it. During the rush to take it apart to dry it out, I accidently broke the connector the the Trackpad connects to on the board. Other than this, The rest of the system works great. I can't afford to repace the board (besides it costs about $250 US). I was wondering if anyone knew a place or person i can send it in to for a small fee and have them solder on another connector. Either that, or does someone have a pismo mainboard that I can trade for? Otherwise, i can just turn it into a desktop with a USB mouse. I have tons of old Rev. 1 iBook parts, (excluding the mainboard - it's dead). Your input would be great


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