A second LCD display for my Imac

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I have an Imac running OS X 10.2 and am looking into having a second monitor. I do voice over recording at a home studio and can't see my monitor from my small booth. Can I run a second monitor? I'd put it in my booth and use a wireless mouse so I could ride levels in Pro Tools LE while I record.
Is a second monitor doable. How should I proceed, and what connectivity would I need in the LCD I'd purchase.
I'd very much appreciate advice on this matter.

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...it really depends on what version of iMac you have. older ones do not support mirroring, newer ones do. Can you tell us a little more about the iMac you are using (processor speed, case style/color, ... )



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Thank you for taking the time

Thank you for taking the time.
I have a G4 iMmac purchased in January of 2003. It has a 1 gig processor and one gig of memory. I'm running OS X ver 10.2.8

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Mirror officially, spanning with hack

AFAIK your iMac has a GeForce MX4 video card.

Your iMac officially supports video mirroring -- you can hook up a 2nd monitor but it will only display the same thing that's on your built-in monitor.

However, the video card supports spanning -- having a 2nd monitor with different content, which you can use to expand your desktop space. check out xlr8yourmac.com -- there's an article somewhere in that site's archives (use the search function), which in turn points to a page on doing a firmware or NVRAM/PRAM hack to get monitor spanning.

Good luck!


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Keep in mind...

...that if you have any warranty left on your iMac, doing that hack will void it. That includes extended AppleCare.


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re: Keep in mind...

Apple need never know. The spanning hack is easily reversable, just reset NVRAM in OF.

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My need is actually only for mirroring, so it looks like my solution is at hand. Thank you.