Help with Transfering 5 1/4 Floppys to .dsk images for the PC

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I know this is an old topic , but if someone who has experience in transfering floppys from an apple IIC to .dsk , please contact me.. I have a ][c+ and I want to get a cable to connect from the ][+ to the back of the PC , and ofcourse I need apple disk transfer , anyone know how much ADT costs? with the cable and all?

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Duplicate thread deleted.

Duplicate thread deleted.



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Data transfer: A][ to .dsk files on a modern machine

I'm doing a big pile of this type of conversion right now, even as I type this.

I use a //e with the Compact Flash reader card, transfer/shrink them using ShrinkIt from floppy to a CF card, then detach and re-attach the CF card into PMCIA card into my Mac Powerbook, transfer the files onto the OS 9 desktop, and from there onto the OS 10 desktop.

Fortunately, some nutty Apple programmer still supported the ability to read ProDOS 8 files in OS 9, no such luck in OS X.

If you have a small batch to do, I could do them for you, if you want to ship the disks to me in Los Angeles. Private message me if you are interested.