itunes/ipod apparent discrepancy

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My itunes tells me I have 20.57 GB of stored music, but my ipod tells me that I have 32.56 GB stored on it.Only music from itunes stored;can anyone explain the discrepancy between the two please?

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Two factors

Two things come to mind:

(1) Are you positive your iPod is reporting only the space occupied by your music files? There are other files on an iPod that take up space.

(2) I wonder if the block size on your computer is different than the block size on the iPod's hard drive. That could account for the size differential.


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1)i believe there are only mu

1)i believe there are only music files on there; would other files be listed within the music/songs/albums,etc.?

2)sorry for being dense but what do you mean by block size?
Thanks for your help.

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block size...

...short of the long is that it has to do with how data is organized and made accesible versus efficiency.

Check out and do a couple of googles for more depth on this topic.



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