What to do with a Gateway Solo 2500

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Hey all,

Just got a Gateway Solo 2500 computer from a friend. I'm a mac guy so I don't know much about windows. What should I do with it. My ideas:

1) Fancy picture viewer on continuous slide show mode. May be hide the case or build it into a box to look like a picture frame. I would be nice to have a everchanging family photos on my entertainment center.

2) iTunes Jukebox. I don't know if the audio output is any good. Also need ethernet PC card or wifi card to connect to my iTunes server.

3) Play old PC games on it (I think it has a P2 300), but the built-in graphic card probably sucks. I not enthused about using it on the network, because I don't want to have to rid it of spyware and viruses all the time. Besides, I can't go back to using Win98 when I'm used to Panther on my Powerbook.

4) Put Linux on it, play around and try to get it to work. Then use it as a doorstop when it fails to work;-)

Any Suggestions?

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An idea...

If you can't come up with anything, I'm sure I could find a use for it...



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If your a mac guy, put Darwin x86 on it and use it as a file server. Cost? $0 Free.

But if you want an iTunes box, try this as a guide:

I think what is said here
means that it would work for Darwin, but I'm not sure...

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I keep my celler dry by runnn

I keep my celler dry by runnning distributed computing on old donated computers. Each computer generate 25-50W of heat and the fans helps to circulate the air. A P2 300 is plenty for Fold@home and other such projects.

I would avoid messing with the OS. I installed Win98 on a old AMD/233 and that was hell. very difficult to find drivers for old sound and video cards. Then the .cab to hell >:( W98 is a two step process, install from the CD then boot from HD and install more stuff from .cab files from the CD. No matter how I did it the Win 98SE I installad fromt the CD refused to find the CDdrive when I booted from the HD.

I finaly solved it by installing the HD in my mac and in the mac copying the cab files from the CD to the HD. Put the HD in the PC and intalled from those cab files Mac OS

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Re: What to do with a Gateway Solo 2500

drsunnyk wrote:

4) Put Linux on it, play around and try to get it to work. Then use it as a doorstop when it fails to work?

Floppy-based router! I'm accessing the net through one now.


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