Apple's iBook Logic Board replacement--anyone had experience?

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Hello all!

I have just bought a new iBook G4. I passed my iBook G4 800mhz to my wife, which has left our trusty iBook G3 to the fate of an eventual sale. However, the screen is kind of fuzzy, and it has a red vertical line one pixel wide that runs up the right side of the screen. It does not go from top to bottom, but nearlyfive inches from the bottom to its termination point. Trying to sell it this way would be difficult. I have read all about the Logic Board replacement program, but getting to an authorized service rep is difficult, since I live a bit out of town. Getting them to help over the phone is tricky too. Does anyone have any experiences in this problem? Does this sound like the "unexpected lines" appearing on screen that Apple describes? I need to sell this guy, but have also thought of keeping it as an iTunes music server. Either way, I want it whole again!

Thanks for the input/advice in advance.



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find an earlier (a.k.a 2002 - 2001) screen

you could try finding an earlier iBook screen, such as from a 2001 iBook screen. That way, if the board goes out, apple's not going to say "YOU wrecked it". I myself have had my ibook G3 900Mhz in about 12 times (glad i got the extended warranty) for things like the board dying (the most often problem) Hard drive, Power Adapters, inverter board. I'm starting to wonder if they are using parts on the brink of death and giving it to me for kicks. 2 times when my adapter was replaced, They had dirt marks and scratches on the replacements. After all this - I'm still an Apple fan (though it's really frustrating at times)
most likely if the board went out, it would flicker on and off and freeze the computer as it a person had their arm ripped off (in other words, it's in shock). contact apple before you do anything, they should send you a box to ship it in if the board's the problem
good luck!


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