IIc lcd display

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i must have one if anyone has info on one or wants to sell one let me know

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Apple Wholesaler

Hi, i'm a apple wholesaler located in norway.
Tell me what do you need, and we'll work something cheap out.

What LCD you need?

Please reply/contact me.

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Old Apple ][ stuff

Greetings TB,

The previous poster is writing about a LCD monitor for use with the Apple //c or //c+ computers that came out in 1984 and 1986, respectively.

These show up on Ebay from time to time and usually go for about $180-$250. So if you have a pile of them that you are willing to sell cheaply, then I want to buy a bunch off of you!

These items were a decent idea at the time, had a design flaw in that the connector cable would get abraded easily and wear through, but never became popular. (They had a limited viewing area in black and white.)

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Apple II/C LCD

Does anyone remember the small LCD screen add on for the Apple IIC? would really love to obtain one.