G4 Taco Project Finally Completed!

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I haven't posted in a while since fininshing the iMacC project, but I've been busy at work on my incarnation of the Taco project. It all began when I was able to find a cheap (well kind of cheap) 8.4" LCD that supports 800 x 600 resolutions. I also realized that my Sawtooth G4 motherboard fit in the CC's case. Here's my site where I explain it all with abundant pictures. Thanks for a great forum which has always been a wealth of information.


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Frickin' incredible -- rear port breakout card, reset button location, DVD drive location, making the screen-curve fillers black instead of trying to match the beige -- all of it is just perfectly done.

Congratulations! ;D


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Nice job!

Hey, I had this same idea last year! I had everything ready to go, but couldn't get the controller to work with the LCD screen I had. It was the same one John Stocker used, but Digital View didn't make that controller anymore, so I bought one that they said would work with that panel, except it didn't, even after going over it with their tech on the phone. They would exchange but not refund, grrrr. $300 down the tubes Crying Now car LCDs are getting to the size and price that can work for us CC-ers.
Congrats, looks great!


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That's very well done!

I'm really impressed that you were able to squeeze that Sawtooth in there.


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Very nice indeed!

. . . I really must get that original G3 Taco completed. But G4 and SVGA is soooo much nicer. I shall stick to Mac OS 9 for my Taco; it's always useful to have a 'legacy' Mac around!


PS On Safari, your web pages seem fixed at aroun 1400 pixels wide - the text won't reformat????


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I've got the over-wide view o

I've got the over-wide view on Moz. and OS X too.

Nice hack! Stick the media reader in the floppy slot and it'd be quite fully featured.


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Super job with u'r TaCCo

Supurb job with your Taco! Simply amazing. Imma leave my sawtooth the way it is. Hard to believe that bugger fit in there! =)


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