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The offer is for a PowerBook 190 (greyscale), 20mb RAM, 500mb disk, floppy, battery (which appears to hold a charge), and AC adapter. It is currently running MacOS 7.5.2 (original for this model). Also included in the deal is a Motorola Mariner 33.6 modem/LAN card (appears to be supported for Classic networking, don't know about OT). I can also include an Apple external video card which was pulled from a 5300 and should work in the 190.

Cosmetically, it is in good shape, though the screen bezel is from a post-REA 5300 and, as a result, is darker and silkscreened with the PowerPC logo.

I'm open to offers. I've got about $30 invested in it which I'd like to cover, but realize that that might be a lost cause.

I'm also open to trades for the following:

- PC100/PC133 DIMMS
- 128mb PC100/PC133 SO-DIMM
- B&W G3 (stripped fine) (okay, so I can dream)
- ATX case/PS
- PalmOS and or WinCE hardware
- IDE HD >6gb

Thanks for reading...

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What Type Of Palm Hardware

What Type Do You Need , Would You llke to trade for A mac HP Printer 695c or a stylewriter pro or maybe some Simms Or A 1.2 Gig IDE hardrive or a mac monitor??
Please Think About this
Thank You

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Clarification of want list

LotG, if you're interested in the PB, please feel free to drop me a PM as it is still available.

Since the question arose, though, I'll take a second to try and clarify what I'm looking for:

As for Palm hardware, I have a IIIxe and an IIx and some accessories such as the stowaway keyboard and the PalmPix. As such, my main interest is in more "unusual" accessories for the III series (particularly a GPS) or a newer series Palm such as a Palm IIIc, an m125/130 or m500/m505/m515.

I also left open the PocketPC as i've never spent much time with a WinCE device, so would be open to trading for someone's spare.

About the only Mac hardware I'm looking for would be a desktop newer than a beige G3, hence my mention of stripped B&W.

As for the rest of the list, I've come into a pile of PC motherboards and CPUs which I'd like to build out into a few systems for my daughter's school. The problem is, I don't have a big supply of memory and hard disks or any spare ATX cases. This is why I mentioned PC100/PC133 RAM and IDE drives.

To the list, I'll also add that I wouldn't mind trading for an IDE DVD-ROM drive or two.

I really don't need any printers or monitors. (Okay, maybe a decent SVGA monitor, but I think the shipping to NJ would be prohibitive.) As for hard drives, I seem to be able to find all the ones i could ever want <=4gb, so a 1.2 doesn't interest me.

Beyond that... feel free to drop me a PM and make an offer.

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Needing SIMMS That Is Right I can Get You Lots Of Those