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First off. hey everyone. its been *quite* a while since ive posted here. before the makeover, thats for sure. at least a year, i would think.

anyways, i have a techie question about speakers, and i figured... where better to turn than those ppl on applefritter? so here it is...

im going off to college in a few days, and being the musichead i am, i need to bring speakers. i have a set of the JBL creatures now, but its sub is way too big to take. So I was wondering.... do you think i would miss the sub if i just bring those two tiny darth vader looking speakers? and if i do bring them, how can i connect them to the computer? since right now i connect them to the sub which connects to the computer. anything i can pick up at radioshack?

otherwise, would it just be better to buy a set of speakers that don't come with a separate sub? would better bass be generated from those speakers?

ok thanks everyone for everything. good to be back.


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Buy a new set without a subwo

Buy a new set without a subwoofer. You could technically use the two satelites without the sub, but you'd need a sepearate amplifier which is bigger than the sub anyway. And it would sound pretty tinny, like listening to all of your music through iBook speakers.


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You'll find room for the Crea

You'll find room for the Creature's sub. It's really not that big, and I think you're underestimating how much space you'll have.

Just so you know, the Creature's satellites won't work properly when separated from the sub. At best, they'll sound horrible.


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On the Creatures...

Just in case any iMac DV owners get a bit cross about this... well, really just to clear it up for all;

The Creatures use a variant of the h/k Odyssey(correct?) drivers, as used in the SL iMacs. So one might be tempted to assume they'd sound just as good on their own.


Odysseys are tinny little pieces of crap. While fishing around in my iMac(600 DVSE) earlier for a lost screw(err... hoping no customers read this Tongue), I thought I'd take off one speaker box(orb?) just for the heck of it and pump some Manson tracks through to see the difference...

Based on this brief, non-research-like research, I can wholeheartedly tell anyone that Odysseys ***ONLY*** work as real speakers in the iMac. They're crap little gutless tweeters anywhere else.

So... I guess that explains why Creatures make a really *bad* set of 2.0 channel tweeters.