Broke MacOS 8 CD

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Hi, I just accidently broke my mac os 8 cd, and I was wondering if someone could send me an image of one. Thanks!


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What you're asking is illegal

What you're asking is illegal. Not only would it break copyright law to send you a replacement because you broke yours, but there's also no way to verify that you actually broke yours (and are just trying to pirate a copy).


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Not necessarily . . .

. . . but it would bump right up against the limits . . . and would certainly be illegal IF it's just a piracy ploy!

I wonder if Quark will be requiring users who lose their licensed software in hurricanes again this year to buy a new copy and submit the bill as their claim. That smelled a LOT like insurance fraud to me back in the day. If the media breaks/fails, the user still has a right to use the LICENSED software and ought to be able to obtain new media for a reasonable charge. Quark wanted to have it both ways and that was just plain WRONG!

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if you ship me the broken one

if you ship me the broken one for proof i will send it back along with an image.


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Here's a better solution. htt

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Someone (or multiple someones

Someone (or multiple someones) has been offering OS 8 CD's on the LEM swap list for $10 shipped I think.