Power CC scam on eBay.de!

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Whaddya think?


Mystic with hacked 'about this Mac' I think.



Stuart Bell,
Developer of the PowerCC site a long time ago.

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Could be...

... a scam, or just stupidity.

It's defnitely a Mystic -- the "About this Mac" icon shows an '040 All-in-One, so the OS obviously thinks this is an LC 575.

As for the PowerColorClassic stuff, someone hacked that in, but it's not clear who. The current owner/seller might not know much about it, and could just be repeating what the guy who sold it to him told him.

Of course, even if the seller is just ignorant, the language about rare protoype is at the very least a case of willful ignorance - "I don't know, that's just what the previous owner told me..." etc.

It's like all those Macs and LCD monitors on eBay where sellers write that they haven't been able to power the item up so it's offered as-is. Often one wonders if they bought it from someone who told them it was broken, so they didn't power it up themselves. That way they have plausible deniability and they may get a higher selling price because bidders are taking a chance that the unit just might work.


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Googe translated text shows "

Googe translated text shows "processor MC68LC040 on board instead of the schmalbruestigen MC68030", so they know it's not a PPC. I'm thinking tht the seller has no idea about the difference between a Power CC, and a regular 68k CC and seems to think that the CC was called a Power CC by Apple.


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