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This 'ere's a nice little email I recieved from what I would call a stereotypical PC user(Wink). I didn't provoke it at all; it's evidently a result of me saying **one** derogatory thing about the PC side of things, after ignoring hours of his random Mac-bashing on MSN.

And apparently he also heard that my best friend Sophie doesn't like him... really, most people I talk to dislike him to a degree, but that's just who he decided to pick on.

I had a good chuckle when i recieved it- it's just damn funny really! Laughing out loud

From : Thomas Bowker
Sent : Sunday, 19 September 2004 8:42:03 PM
To :
Subject : Hmmm...

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Oh no... an obsessed, nerdy faggot and a fat, ugly, shrek-look-a-like doesn't like me. What should I do now? haha

Are you seriously so naive that you think your petty insults an infant could make hurt me in any way? News-flash, kid! We're out of pre school... but I guess that's a place where you belong.

You know what your problem is and why you're one of those degenerates of human society? Because you think you're above human society, you think you know it all, you think you're the best, you think you're cooler because you own a Mac, you think you own everyone, you think you're smarter, funnier and more popular than everyone else. Here's a hint, Mr. Thinky: Don't Think. Hey, maybe if you follow these wise words, you wont be such a degenerate.

So have a little cry and whine to Shrek (Sofie) about how mean I am and tell her how sad I make you when I say Macs suck.

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Joined: Dec 26 2003
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Just thought I'd add to that- we were always good friends. But. As soon as I sold the Dell and got another Mac, and told him about it and also mentioned that the Dell was kinda boring and did have a LOT of faults(in a calm, informative, definitely non-Dell-bashing way!) he turned on me- FULLY. It's just incredible.

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I think its funny that he tel

I think its funny that he tells you not to think..... Anybody else think that maybe thats his problem?


damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!

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I think he should sit back an

I think he should sit back and read his own email...

EDIT: or on second though... just send his email back to him, but with a few words changed Wink


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