Did I kill the analog board in my Takky?

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Hi all,

I just finished my Takky a few days ago and I've managed to cripple it already!

After successfully performing the VGA mod, I opened the monitor settings window and noticed that resolutions much higher than 640x480 were now listed as options. (I knew that they weren't viable resolutions given the hardware in use, and that selecting one could potentially cause some damage, but there they were! I think that I was feeling a little cocky because the whole conversion had gone so smoothly so far.)

So I clicked on one of them and the screen "clicked" back at me and went out. And now it remains out, even when I reboot.

Anybody know what I may have fried? I thought that the un-displayable resolution setting may have been saved to the hard drive, but it seems like the monitor should at least come on initally upon booting (before it accesses the HD).

Any thoughts? Thanks!

-Tyler (the Takky killer)

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Takky analog board


zap the pram. don't remember if there's a cuda button on that mobo but that's the other option. you didn't fry anything


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Yeah, reset

William's right. It's 99% likely that your hardware is all A-OK. If there is a hardware problem, then the resolution switch didn't do it (just a coincidence or worst case made something happent that was going to happen anyway very soon).

As he said, do a PRAM zap. If that doesn't work for some reason, shut down, turn off the rear power switch, slide the mobo out, remove the battery from the mobo, and let everything sit for 10 minutes (overnight if you're really paranoid/patient).

Should be okay after that.


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trash the "Display Preferences"

admittedly difficult without access to the desktop. Might have to pull the drive and mount it elsewhere to get at it.

dan k


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It lives!

Thanks to all for your helpful input!

Not only did the PRAM-zap do the trick, but now I know what PRAM is. I'll try to be a little more careful in the future, but it's nice to have such a sizeable knowledge base to bail me out. Thanks again!


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Don't be *too* careful. You'll never learn anything that way.