TI-84 Plus Silver Edition game help

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I found some sweet games that i wanted to put onto my ti-84 plus se...i have mac os x and every time i go to double click on the file it says "TI Device Explorer cannot edit this kind of file." any help would be so greatly appreciated, you have no idea...

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I assume you have a link cable of some kind, I think USB is the only one that works with macs. After you install the link software you launch an application, I don't remember what it's called but it'll be in the TI folder the installer made. Then follow the instructions found somewhere to link up with the calculator, I believe there is a drop down menu for this. Select you calculator type and it should link up automatically. Then just drag and drop any files/apps you want to put on the calc to the window that opens when your calculator links up. There might be another button to actuall send everything to the calc.

That should do it. Sorry for the vagueness I don't have the software on my PC.

Also check out www.ticalc.org for more software than you can shake a stick at.


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