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Hello all,

I have a pismo that I'd like to trade. I'd sell if I don't get any interest in a trade, but would prefer to make an even swap. I'd trade it for any reasonably modern ibook. Basically, that means no clam shells. As for the ibook, I'd prefer a 12" model. Thats why I want to get rid of the pismo to begin with. I love it, but I'd prefer something smaller and lighter for the road. I might also consider a g4 tower. Must be fully functional. If you are interested, or have any questions, PM me. Thanks!



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how much?

well, how much are you willing to sell for? geez, if you said you wanted it for a clamshell iBook, I could get you one that needs a little work, i.e., needs a few missing keys replaced. but, if the price is under $150, we have a deal. sorry, broke college student. -digital Wink

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I think you are going to get ripped off...

considering that the Pismo costs more than a 600Mhz or 700Mhz iBook. unless you buy from this guy http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=80050&item=5722017100&rd=1
Which is selling a 600mhz for about a thousand USD. But wait... He'll throw in Free Shipping and a FREE GAME!!!
In my opinion , keep the Pismo. I have a 900Mhz iBook g3 AND a Pismo and I prefer the pismo because It has less problems, like for instance The Video going out because of Apple's bad design. This is the reason I have to keep the Pismo around. Take the place of the iBook when that is in for repairs


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check your pm box... i have

check your pm box... i have requested information...