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I have a Classic II that worked great before I moved. After the move, I left it in a dry garage for about 4 months. I went to boot it up yesterday, and there is a checked board like screen - but I do not see any type of boot sequence. No Happy Mac face, no unhappy Mac face.

I am guessing that the best thing to do is reset it. There is some sort of reset button on the side, but nothing changes no longer how long I hold it in. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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The last time I saw a checker

The last time I saw a checkerboard pattern on a Classic screen was when the PRAM battery inside leaked and corroded the motherboard.


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Noooooooooooooo!!!! Meh, n


Meh, now I have to take it apart... this is turning into a pretty big project, just to play some classic Risk!


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Your RAM slots could be dirty

Your RAM slots could be dirty, clean those out


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dirty ram slots


cleaning ram chips, rom simms and any pds device is the first response to a checkerboard pattern. You might want to check for leaking caps but that won't cause a checkerboard pattern, per se. Be a good idea while you're in there to change the battery. How many times do you want to go in?


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These comments pretty well ha

These comments pretty well have it covered, but this is a great site for this kind of problem so I thought I would post a like anyway. Lots of other interesting info there.

I found it by googling because I had the same problem with a Classic II I got at Goodwill. Haven't got around to seeing if the suggested fixes work yet.


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The Shamda site is for the SE

The Shamda site is for the SE/30. The idea may be the same for the fix, but I wouldn't take it word-for-word on what to do on a Classic II.


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Not uncommon.

In response to Dr. Check:
Haha! I just got my Mac Classic today. Same thing happened. Dunno if you'll read this comment, seeing as you posted that nearly two years ago, but I thought I'd mention it and bring an old thread back to life for no good reason. Tongue

Now I need to grab a Classic II board off of eBay.