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We are winding down National Fire Prevention Week
and I thought a few reminders might be timely.

1. Check your electrical cables and insulation.
(Replace defective wiring.)
2. Be sure you have plenty of ventilation around
your computer gear. (Heat buildup is a hazard.)
3. Don't overload electrical circuits.
(This is a fire hazard as well as a cause of
unexpected computer crashes.)
4. Always use surge protectors. Even on phone lines.
(This will prevent electrical fires as well as
protect your computer gear.)
5. Have a fire extinguisher mounted nearby.
(For your protection as well as your computer's.)
6. Have a smoke alarm in your computer area.
(Early warning as well as protection for you.)
7. Don't run electric cords under rugs or furniture legs.
(Pinched cords can overheat, arc, and burn!)
8. Have a First-Aid kit in your work area.
(Any of you hackers ever burn yourself soldering?)
9. Have a neat and organized work area.
(A clean house never burns.)
10. Have a flashlight handy in your work area.
(Circuit breakers pop at the worst times!)


The fire department is doing its BEST job when the
trucks NEVER leave the station! That means we have
PREVENTED loss of life and property!

Have fun. Be safe.
An old retired Firefighter


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Thanks for the tips. We sometimes forget about those kinds of things. One thing you forgot to mention is to make sure that your fire extinguisher is designed for electical fires. Not all fire extinguishers are alike. Look at the labels when you buy them. I like
the suggestion about keeping a flashlight around. I have caught myself in the dark a couple of times and cussed because I didn't have a flashlight. They are also great for finding those pesky little bits of hardware that fall off the bench when you are doing a hack.


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