Sonnet G3 Cresendo, PC-66/100 RAM, Free Computer

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For sale is a Sonnet Cresendo G3 266Mhz upgrade card for the PowerMac systems that use CPU Daughtercards. Will work in 7300, 7600, 8600 etc.

Asking $50.00 Canadian

PC 133Mhz RAM - 2 X 64MB Chips (OS 9 & X Compatible)

Asking $50.00 Canadian

PC-66 IBM RAM 2 X 64MB Chips (Only works with Mac OS 8.6 & Unix/Linux)

Asking $30.00 Canadian

I also have an extra Macintosh computer I am giving away. It is a Performa 6300 16MB RAM, 300MB HD, AV Card and IBM 15" Monitor. Due to the size of everything, local pickups only on this item.

Shipping from Vancouver, B.C. Postal Code V4C 7X6.