Help! My pismo is not powering my hard drive

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Was not sure where to post this.

Recently I had to replace the casing to my pismo. I got it back together but now it will not power my hard drive. I have since gone back in and made sure all the connections were made propperly and all is looking good but still no power to my drive. The CDROM and the screen are working fine. system powers up and it searches for a valid OS.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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A couple Suggestions..

First, Try resetting the open-FirmWare and the Power Manager.
Open Firmware

1. Shut down the computer
2. Start computer up holding down "Command + Option + O + F"
3. A screen comes up with a command prompt
4. At the prompt type in "reset-nvram", and hit the return key
5. At the prompt type "reset-all", (both "reset Commands have a "-" between them with no space between the "T" and the "N/S" depending on the reset command) and hit the return key
6. The machine will reboot

Power Manager
1. If the computer is on, turn it off.
2. Press the reset button located on the rear panel of the computer between the external
video and modem ports.
3. Wait 5 seconds
4. Press the power button to restart the computer.

If that doesn't work. Try another Hard drive

If you need more help, I will offer my services free of charge as (1. I have a Pismo, and 2. I work with Legacy macs in my business) PM me if you need more troubleshooting.


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pismo hard drive

really a question. i reset-nvram and reset-all, pressed reset and hard-drive still does'nt spin. have tried 2 good hd's

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Take your Pismo back apart an

Take your Pismo back apart and look at the HDs ATA connector, the ribbon cable connector and the motherboards HD connector and make sure no pins are folded over.


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