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I was at the local London Drugs and there was this discontinued product called "PhoneX" which claims to use your electrical outlets as a network system. They only had one unit and you require 2 to operate a network. I looked on thier website and they are still selling them at a high price, but I wanted to ask and see if anyone has any experience with this product.

On the box it basically says networks etc. are nothing more than electrical signals so it taps into the unused bandwidth of the home wiring system to deliver networks across the house.

Any info on this technology and if it's all it's hyped to be would be awesome. London Drugs has the one unit for sale for 20 bucks, and I saw online another unit can be gotten for 69.00, so that's quite good if it works, sure beats wireless.

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I've seen those. It works, b

I've seen those. It works, but it's pretty slow.


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very slow. Its way worse tha

very slow. Its way worse than wireless.


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I believe that Intel's versio

I believe that Intel's version was only 1.5 mbps or something like that. Thats half of my cable internet bandwidth. I would stay far away.

Plus why by technology that will probably become obesolete with newer operating systems since they aren't too popular.

Just stick with good ole highly standardized wireless. Heck, you are still tethered to a cord with the system that you mention.


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