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I am looking to upgrade my B&W G3 300Mhz. I would like a 450MHz as I used one once and it was pretty zippy. Does not need to be a G4 as I don't really have any use for the Altivec until. I really need to keep this under $50 and would like to get closer to $20. So a trade may be needed. Some things I can think of that I have to trade

A Apple DVD-RAM drive
4x 128 DIMMs FPM I think.
A 8600/300 with no HD, No VRAM, No CD Bezel and no HD Tray
Colour Classic with 10MB ram, 80HD
Rev B card cage for 500 Series PB.
Maybe a PowerBook 540.
2GB Jaz drive with cart.
Maybe 9GB 10,000 RPM SCSI Hard Drive
Maybe Cybex 4 port AutoView command KVM with 3 sets of cables.


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I doupt you will be intereste

I doupt you will be interested, but I have a 350mhz one...


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I am willing to buy your PCMC

I am willing to buy your PCMCIA card cage for the PB 500 series. How much are you willing to sell it for? I would pay around $10-$15 or more depending. Drop me a line at