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Anyone here have a classic car they admire from the old days? Jag E-type, muscle car, what do you like? Cool

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69 Pontiac GTO Judge (that or

69 Pontiac GTO Judge (that orangy red color)
68 shelby mustang
70 dodge charger with a hemi (and did it come with the 6pack?)

Anything that is loud, obnoxious, and very fast in a straight line and that does it with pure cubic inches and if you are going to use forced induction, do it with a huge GMC blower, (no turbos for me) and it should have a big ole inefficent carburator.

I also like those old early-mid 60's max wedge chrysler cars, the ones with the pushbutton trannys.


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My first car...

A 1976 Oldsmobile Starfire (if memory serves)....

Too bad the oil pump siezed on it! Sad

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I'm fond of the old VW

I'm fond of the old VW beatles. But that is only the 60's Classic Beatle. The one with the flat windows. I also love the original Shelby Cobra.


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Two of my favorite cars are t

Two of my favorite cars are the 1972 Oldsmobile 442 nothing like the sound of a 455. And the 1970 Buick GSX Stage 1. if you like good old muscle cars go to


I love my 1985 Buick Regal

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Yeah, there are all kinds of

Yeah, there are all kinds of classic cars. I would even say the Dodge Viper is reaching an age where it could be called a modern classic.
GM made a few cool cars too back in the day, I will give them that.

Camaro, Trans Am

GTO, Chevelle

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hrm i think my favorite is a

hrm i think my favorite is a 1972 chevelle SS
but my friend has a 1970 transam in show condition and that is one REALLY nice car

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These are a few of my favorite things...

Those late '60's 428 Shelby Cobrajet Mustangs...especially a convertible. I also like the early '70's Mustangs...long hood, short rear deck, and a 390 or 428 wedged in that engine compartment. Again, a convertible is preferred.

Years ago a co-worker had a Pontiac Firebird convertible, ca. 1970, with a 454 that would make a large-breasted woman flat chested when you punched the gas.

Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge had some incredible big block engines in their street machines. Superbirds and Daytonas rocked. (Long live Mr. Norm's Grand-Spalding Dodge!)

I've had my eye on my neighbor's XKE Jag since I was a's a '63 with a 12 cylinder engine...and it's a ragtop.

Someone in the Chicago area has a Ferrari F50 (which means they have at least one other Ferrari in their garage, if they're the original owner). Kept pace with him on Roosevelt Road for about two miles through Oak Brook and Elmhurst on Thursday. WOW. Arguably the most powerful car on the road today. A the stoplight at Mannheim Road, EVERYBODY was "rubber-neckin'" at that car.

Here's another way Ferrari owners that drive their cars can store them...(snicker)...

Those are a few of my favorite things.

tony b.


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