cheap imac?

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just wanted to see if anyone had a cheap imac that they wanted to get rid of. i'm not looking for much, just something to use online and stuff. i would like something under $250 if possible. thanks.

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beige g3 mini tower?

would you be interested in buying a beige g3 mini tower? comes with...

usb pci card
10.2.8 with 9.2.2
14gb hd
cd-r drive6x max write speed
cd-rom drive
asantefast 10/100 pci card
zip100 drive
256 mb ram

all for 175 $+ actual shipping

and if you want i'll throw in an apple screen for an extra 25$

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Ive got one?

I have a bondi blue imac,with os X 10.3&9.2.2,4GB HD,192MB RAM,24XCD,Pro mouse&Keyboard,missing side door,233MHZ,itunes,appleworks.I have never used it on the internet,but i heard that the modem does not work,but DSL works using the USB ports.
Asking $110+shipping from 90057 by UPS or FEDEX.price negotionable too.Thanks!!!!!!

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Can I just ask how much HD space is left over on that thing? Just wondering... Tongue

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ive got an iMac DV Indigo.

ive got an iMac DV Indigo.
128mb ram
20gb HDD
i painted the base black, looks pretty good.

it has os 10.2 but i can put 10.3 on it if you would like.

was my first mac for about 2 years, now its used as a server.

asking $250
$275 with panther.

email me:


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Sorry for the late reply...

It has around 200MB space left,and i am lowering the price to $100+shipping. Mac OS