Trade 3-month old Gateway Laptop for a MAC

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Hi All,
I have a 3-month old Gateway 520series notebook and am looking to trade for ANY Mac, preferably a power book (however I will consider other products).
Here are the specs of my Gateway PC:
-Pentium 4 @ 3.06GHZ
-512MB RAM
-60GIG Hard Disk
-15.4" Widescreen LCD
-DVD+-RW Drive
-Onboard wireless networking
-Still has warranty and everything else that came with it (warranty for another 3 years I think...can find out..)

This laptop is almost brand new and has been turned on about 3 times and used for about 1 hour (if that) total and the rest it has just been sitting here.
Going to college and need an Apple (compatible with school).
Please contact me through this post or my e-mail:


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I can send you an old SE/30

25MHz Processor. OS 7.5.3
or do you mean a "NEW"er Mac?


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Sorry if I wasn't clear about

Sorry if I wasn't clear about what I want:
I want...including but not limited to:
-Power Book G4
-iBook G4 (at least 1.2GHZ)
-iMac G4/G5
-PowerMac G5 or one of the last editions of G4

by the way, my laptop has a 32MB Video Card; forgot to specify before.

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Uh.. good luck?

Uh.. good luck?


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Sorry, but you need to adjust

Sorry, but you need to adjust 'what you want'.

Here's a good guide:

466-600MHz G3 iBook

PowerBook G3 400-500MHz

iMac G3- 500-700MHz

eMac G4 700MHz

Power Macintosh G4 350-500MHz

Hate to tell you this, but almost all new-ish Windows computers are only worth as much as old Mac models if you want to trade. You're much better off selling it to a PC person who will likely have an inflated idea of its value, then use that cash to buy a near-new Mac.

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I've got a 500Mhz iBook with

I've got a 500Mhz iBook with 384Mb of RAM, a 15Gb HD, and a Combo drive that I'd trade...


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Sorry Wallsteet (and everyone else)

Haven't been here in a while..followed your advice and sold my Gateway for $1100. Went to the Apple Store...and settled for the "middle-class" iMac.
Sorry about the offer, I didn't know what the value of my PC would be so I figured it would be pretty close to how much I paid for it. Anyway, it's off the market now and I'm loving my iMac G5. Thanks to anyone who contributed/had interest.

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Sounds like you did great.

Trust me if you have to "settle" you made the right choice in the mid range iMac g5.
I love the way that "settling" in the mac world is so vastly different from the same in the PC world. Smile


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