My ITunes can't pick up other people's music!

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My ITunes used to be able to pick up other people's shared music (and I know there are tons, cause I live in a dorm), but suddenly, it has stopped working! I've checked my preferences and I have selected to look for other's people's music. My roommate also has the same problem. Any idea why this is happening/how to fix it?

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iTunes can only "see" shared

iTunes can only "see" shared libraries that are on the same subnet that you're on. My guess? Your university restructured the network in your dorm, and you're on a different subnet than the other people running iTunes.

Here's an experiment: enable music sharing on your machine, and see if your roommate can access it. If yes, there's your answer. If no, then other factors, such as firewalls, are at play.

(I say this as an employee of a university's IT department and dealing with these sorts of things first-hand.)


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