Athlon XP3000+, Powerful gaming machine. I want a mac.

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Hi, I'm looking to trade my machine for a modern iMac, or iBook. I'm looking to do more graphical work, and I'm kind of getting tired of Windows. I work on the blasted things all day at work. But it's a great gaming machine. I'm just bored with it.

Here are the specs.

Black Elements Mid Tower.
Athlon XP3000+ @2.18GHz
Asus A7v600
512MB PC3200 Kingston RAM
2 80GB Western Digital HDD
1 120GB Seagate HDD
1 Lite-On 4x DVD-+RW Drive
1 ATI Radeon 9800Pro 256MB (Modded with Thermaltake Giant III cooling solution.)
15" Viewsonic VE155b Black LCD
Altec Lansing 121 3 piece speaker set. (black)
Microsoft wireless optical desktop (black)
And I'll throw in my Office 2003 professional OEM with it.

Looking forward to hearing from you folks. If you want pic and such, send me a PM.
If the offer is reasonable, I'll cover shipping as well.