I am developing a new miracle pill...

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I have been planning this for a while and think I have found the pefect compund. I am going to produce, market, and distribute the perfect cure-all/miracle pill. This pill will be 100% guranateed to cure any ailment you can imagine - ANYTHING! Even mental-emotional problems.

The drug will be named "Cyanidicolit" - pronounced Sy-ah-nyde-eye-call-it. There will of course be a few minor side effects which all of my commercials will have some announcer state as images of a happy person runs through a bright, green, sunny meadow and then strolls along the beach at sunset.

The drug will be dramatic and fast acting. Side effects include, but are not limited to:
[*]General weakness
[*]Bizarre behavior
[*]Excessive sleepiness
[*]Shortness of breath

Treatment of symptoms requires a follow-up dose of Cyandicolit until symptoms diminsh.

Packaging will consist of two 500mg capsules individually foil-wrapped. Refunds will be promptly refunded only to the orignal purchaser and only for unused doses. Target market will be anyone who is looking for a quick-cure or an easy way out. Cost is expected to be about $50/pack.

I expect to make a million dollars overnight. Smile



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I would think..

lol. I would think that Cyanidicolit would cause those symptoms...


I expect to make a million dollars overnight.

Be prepared to repay all of that and then some.... ;D


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Somebody beat you to it....

It's called Alchoholpoisoning, it does the same thing, and has the same side effects, but could also cause unwanted pregnancy and/or VD. There have been commercials with happy people, happy dogs, happy horses, happy frogs, happy iguanas, and happy Canadian bears.

Speaking of which... I need to get my scrip refilled...


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How does one go about ording this miracle med? Shock

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Miracle Pill

Weird Science???????

Is Homer Simpson helping you develop this?