iPod for free, no contest, no money.

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I only post this in responce to the person holding a contest to win an ipod (which is more a fundraiser than a contest).

A company called Gratis Network is giving away free iPod Photo's. It's totally legit (was featured on engadget.com, gizmodo.com, cnn, gearlive.com, and G4/TechTv's 'The screensavers').

I received a free 4th gen iPod from them two weeks ago. Now I'm going for the photo iPod.

Link Deleted. - Tom


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Free iPod, huh?

Perhaps you can post a pic of you with your 4th gen just to prove that this crap ain't more freakin' SPAM...


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Not a scam, per se, according

Not a scam, per se, according to Wired, but I still don't want to see this stuff clogging up the forum.



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Yeah, this really shouldnt be

Yeah, this really shouldnt be on the forums. However, I would like to say that a good friend of mine did this..and actually did receive the iPod. I was as surprised as anyone. I actually saw him open the package, and I held the iPod in my own hands. It is legit. Having said that, this is not a for sale comment. Things of this nature shouldn't be posted here.


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This thread, of course, is off-topic.