SE/30 Happiness!

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I can finally upgrade my G3 machines to MacOS X, because my SE/30 is complete and ready to carry on the System 7 torch!

The 40Mhz Turbo040 is rocking out and powering it along, the 80MB of ram is more than I'll EVER need, and networking is a breeze over the ethernet, both in 7.5 and in NetBSD. DragAnyWindow is totally necessary on a 9" B&W Mac, and it's great to have a two-button mouse--set the left button to the "drag any window" key.

Sorry for spilling out here, I just thought some people here would be excited too--I know I always love to see people brag about their 68k machines!

Keep on Mac-ing,


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Enjoy your SE/30. I've always wanted one as a compact desktop companion. I've been accumulating useful tidbits (RAM, ethernet board, etc.) but have not found an SE/30 yet I'm a total cheapskate and will wait until I find one at a local garage sale).

It's nice to see others keeping the 68k torch alive.

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im afraid i missed my chance

im afraid i missed my chance at an SE/30. I still slap myself for not getting it. I've got a Classic II, Classic, and 2 regular SE's. can you do any upgrades to the Classic II that are any good?


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Is the Classic II upgradable?

Unfortunately, I don't believe so, but I haven't researched it that much, so I may be wrong.

The SE/30 is a great machine to get, and a great machine to hack away at... after 5 years of waiting (though I did get married in the mean time, so I wasn't holding my breath or anything) I finally found the DayStar Mac IIsi adaptor to get my 040 card working in the SE/30. Now I want a Mac IIfx or IIsi (or home-made IIci) ROM SIMM so I can run MacOS 8!

Look around, I bet you can get an SE/30 pretty cheaply--maybe sometime in 5 years. *grin*