iMac Case Dimensions

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I'm interested in transplanting some "stuff" into an iMac CRT model case but need to know how much space I might have. Fortunately I'm typing this on an Indigo 500 iMac so I can check its dimensions easily. However I don't have easy access to a Bondi iMac (and successors) to check its size nor am I clear from reading the specs for G3 iMacs as to when the case was redesigned. My impression is that early iMacs are bigger but how much?

The information that would be useful to me is:
-- When the case design changed
-- Rough dimensions for the Bondi case (ie treat the side view as a triangle and measure the three lengths, plus the width of the back bucket where the neck of the CRT projects

Looking at second hand prices on eBay, I'm tempted to say stuff the idea of selling this (useful, reliable) beast and hack it all the same. But if the Bondi is bigger, I'll look out for a dead one.

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I know!!!

First off...The imac case design changed October 1999 to the Slot Load case design(yours),and discontinued in March 2003.The dimensions to a Bondi(Which I have)are
15.8" H x 15.2" W x 17.6" D @ 40 lbs..
Compared To:
Slot Load:
15.0" H x 15.0" W x 17.1" D @34.7lbs..
I am attempting to do the same project(put my Bondi into an Indigo case)too.There's a topic I posted a bit back,and people say this kind if hack is impossible. Undecided

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The info on case dimensions is useful. I'm not as brave as you so I won't be trying to stuff a Bondi into a slot loader case but I have slightly less bizarre ideas.